Shipping Policy

Qumran Shop is happy to provides its customers with shipping to hundreds of countries all over the world. Below you will find more details about the way we evaluate the “Estimated Delivery Time” of your order and how shipping costs are calculated.

“Estimated Delivery Time” calculation

The Estimated Delivery Time of your order appears during the checkout process and is calculated by combining the two following parameters:
. the time needed to prepare your order at Qumran Shop
. the shipping time.

The preparation time includes processing of your order, verification of goods and preparation of your parcel for shipment in the Qumran Operations Center.

The shipping time reflects the total time required for your order to arrive once it has left Qumran Center, and is calculated according to the shipping method you choose and the country where the order is to be shipped.

* Important Note: The Estimated Delivery Time is only an estimate. It relies on time estimates provided by third party shipping suppliers. Qumran Shop is not responsible for delays due to holidays, local customs, postal schedules or weather conditions.

“Shipping Cost” calculation

The shipping cost of your order is calculated by combining the following three factors:

. the total weight of the items in your cart
. your selected shipping method
. the country to which your order will be shipped

For certain products, one of our Customer Relations Managers may contact you and recommend a specific shipping method.

Qumran Shop Shipping Options

Standard Air Mail

The most affordable shipping method available to our customers, this option is an excellent alternative for those who have plenty of time to spare before receiving their orders.

Estimated Shipping Time: 10-50 Business Days*

* Shipping time once the parcel has left the Qumran Operations Center. Exact shipping times vary and depend on the destination country and on national and local postal schedules.

Express Mail Service (EMS)

This option, which utilizes express services of local postal authorities, is faster than Standard Air Mail. Please note that although International Express Mail Service itself estimates an average shipping time of 4-7 business days, it could take a bit longer for a parcel to reach its destination.

Qumran Shop is not responsible for delays arising from the destination country’s national and local postal procedures.

Estimated Shipping Time: 10-21 Business Days


The most effective option for people on a tight schedule. With its own aircraft fleet, FedEx commits to much tighter tracking of each parcel and a 2-4 business day shipping time.

Estimated Shipping Time: 2-4 Business Days

Important Notes

* All shipping times are estimates provided by third party postal carriers or shipping providers. Qumran Shop is not responsible for delays due to local customs, postal schedules, holidays or weather conditions.

* Shipping times refer to the actual travel time of the parcels after they have been released and sent from Qumran Operations Center. They do not include the parcels’ preparation time at the Qumran Operations Center.

* During the shipment the parcel is under the exclusive responsibility of the third party shipping provider, and not of Qumran Shop in any case. Shipped parcels are insured by the above-mentioned third party shipping providers. In case of parcel loss during the shipping process, customers will need to direct inquiries directly to the shipping provider, using the tracking information provided by Qumran Shop.

* Qumran Shop’s customers are responsible for checking the import laws and procedures of the country of each parcel’s destination and paying any local customs, taxes or duties charged by the country mentioned in their shipping address. The total amount of the order does not include any country-related fees or local taxes.